The Best microSD cards in 2018
MicroSD stockpiling is modest, yet at times it pays to pick admirably. Look at our most recent audits and purchaser's guide on the best microSD cards this year.

From telephones and tablets to activity cameras, dash cams and automatons: they all utilization microSD for capacity. Some home surveillance cameras additionally record to a microSD card.

Simply any old card won't do however, particularly in case you're attempting to record HD or 4K video - you require the correct one for the activity. Here we disclose how to pick a card and suggest those that you should purchase.

MicroSD card buying guide

Before you purchase a card, check the most extreme size that your gadget can acknowledge. Dash cams are especially constrained - most will take up to 32GB, the breaking point of the SDHC standard - yet most telephones will bolster up to 256GB, with some up to a monstrous 2TB. 

Cards over 32GB are called 'SDXC cards' and can be utilized with gadgets that help this standard. As of now 2TB is the breaking point, however the greatest microSD cards you can at present purchase are 512GB. 

In case you're pondering about the new SD Express standard that was reported in June 2018, that is as of now just for full-estimate SD cards. It hints of what's to want microSD, however. Generally it transforms them into small convenient SSDs, with limits up to 128TB and paces of up to 985MB/s. Luckily, you don't have to stress over this as there are no gadgets which bolster SD Express, not to mention the microSD variant.

Do I need a specific card for a camera or a phone?

Short answer: yes. Longer answer: a few cards are so great, they're equipped for recording 4K video in your GoPro yet will likewise give extraordinary execution in your telephone. 

It can be befuddling to pick a card as there are such a large number of gauges and logos. A few markings allude to speed, others to limit. Here's the manner by which to make sense of them. 

The most up to date benchmarks are 'V' and 'An', and you'll see a number after every which speaks to a base standard of execution.

Best microSD for phones and tablets

Then again, you may purchase a card to grow your telephone or tablet's stockpiling. Here you require great execution for perusing and composing little documents. 

That is the reason the other new evaluating framework is 'Application execution', signified by an A, trailed by a number. 

It works comparatively to the video class, and you'll see an A1 or A2 logo on a card. A2 is new, however A1 cards ought to be sufficiently quick to run applications and diversions.

So which card should I buy?

Adhere to the notable brands which will offer a guarantee on their cards. Trustworthy brands include: Samsung, SanDisk, Lexar, Kingston, Integral and Verbatim, among others. 

There are a lot of fakes and fake microSD cards, so ensure you purchase from a confided in merchant. In the event that you see a card on eBay that is a ton less expensive than you anticipate that it will be, there's most likely a justifiable reason!

How we test microSD cards

We utilize CrystalDiskMark 6.0 to test the read and compose paces of each card. This tests both the consecutive speeds (perusing and composing vast squares of information) and little document execution, utilizing 4KB peruses and composes. 

Tests are done on our Intel Core i7-based test fix over USB 3.0. We utilize the full-estimate SD connectors which accompany cards and a Lexar Professional USB 3.0 Dual-Slot Reader. In the event that a card accompanies its own particular USB 3.0 connector, similarly as with Lexar's own particular card, we utilize that.