There are many top Smartphones in the world with advanced features but a few of them beat the others in terms of their overall sales across the globe. With smartphones becoming very important in the lives of the population’s majority, the industry has undergone an evolution in 2018, with competition becoming even stiffer. Smartphone designs have been revolutionized in the past few years, thereby shifting the popularity ratings of different companies.

As a result, we have come to notice a lot of aggressiveness in the way new phones are being released for the market every other day. Below is a brief of the top 10 Smartphone brands in the world in 2018 basing on the brand valuation and revenue data.

1- Samsung

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

Samsung still keeps up its best position in the cell phone industry as the most favored telephone mark. A Samsung Electronics backup, the brand delivers in excess of 300 million units yearly. This records for around 30% of the aggregate cell phone deals available. 

Its attention today is on Android-driven cell phones, however regardless it outlines and creates an impressive number of simple telephones. Its Samsung Galaxy arrangement is its mark image arrangement today with most deals found inside this arrangement. Samsung is available in around 100 nations. In view of the outright strength and wide portfolio, it is the best Smartphone mark in the market.

2- Apple

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

This is effortlessly a standout amongst the most famous and perceived Smartphone marks over the globe. With a solid nearness in around 40 nations together with around 100 selective store foundations in around 15 nations, Apple offers somewhat in excess of 200 million units consistently. 

Mac was established in the 1970's nevertheless its mark item the iPhone that was discharged in 2007 by Steve Jobs (Apple's prime supporter), is the thing that took the organization to the worldwide play area. The iPhone arrangement is prominent in light of its component rich, strength and the way that it is tasteful to claim an iPhone. Because of its separation leeway, Apple is the second most noteworthy Smartphone marks on the planet.

3- Huawei

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

Huawei has additionally not been deserted in the journey to guarantee an impressive bit of cake in the main 10 Smartphone marks on the planet in 2018 arrangement. A Chinese shaped organization, Huawei is a market pioneer in telecom gear and telephone producer on the planet. 

Its solid nearness is in portions, for example, Smartphone, PCs, tablets and broadband and so forth. With a challenging around 75,000 individuals utilized solely for innovative work, it would now be able to be understood why the organization is consistently delivering propelled telephones. Huawei offers around 100 million units yearly.

4- Lenovo

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

With around 70,000 units being sold every year, Lenovo is a backup of Motorola that accompanies a solid budgetary sponsorship for innovative work. The majority of the organization's activities are centered around the plan and assembling of the phones. One of the item's special offering focuses is the one of a kind incentive where the client is permitted the choice of telephone customization as per their necessities and prerequisites.

5- Xiaomi

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

One of the most current organizations to enter an industry with a blast, Xiaomi was simply settled in 2010 yet has possessed the capacity to infiltrate the worldwide market through its solid workforce including in excess of 8000 specialists. Xiaomi has figured out how to set up itself as a power to figure in huge markets, for example, China and India and with a huge nearness in Brazil, Singapore, Turkey, and Thailand among others. With more than 65 million unit sends out, it is one of the best 10 Smartphone marks on the planet in 2017.

6- LG

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

LG is notable for its portable communication as well as different apparatuses and electronic gadgets. It is known for its Smartphone items, tablets, versatile handsets and keen watches and so on. Its most prominent cell phone brands incorporate the G-Series, the K-Series, LG Tribute, the LG G Flex and the LG Nexus. LG offers around 60 million units every year.

7- ZTE

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

This is the third Chinese cell phone organization on the rundown of the main 10 cell phone marks on the planet in 2017. Its item portfolio is rich with items like telephones, telecom administrations, tablets, and cell phones. The organization focuses on the low salary to the progressed mid-fragment classes with a couple of, premium top of the line gadgets likewise found inside its portfolio. It offers around 55 million units consistently.

8- Oppo

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

Oppo was established in the year 2001 in China and has risen as an imposing power in gadgets and tech association. It isn't until 2008 that the organization wandered into the Smartphone fabricating as it used to focus on creation of MP3 players previously. 

With the organization's trademark "The Art of Technology", Oppo has possessed the capacity to achieve clients in no less than 20 nations, the vast majority of which are inside the Asian mainland particularly China and India. Others are in the USA, the Middle East nations, Europe and even similar to Australia. 

Oppo sends around 50 million units in a year, with well known Smartphone contributions including OPPO R7, Joy, Mirror, F1 and OPPO Neo. As of late, Oppo has ventured up its publicizing and has brought a wide range of SKU's in the market. Accordingly, oppo should be a substantially more grounded player in 2018 and is one of the best Smartphone marks in 2018.

9- Alcatel

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

This is one of the portable brands to have a wide or rather monstrous worldwide reach, with a nearness in no less than 170 nations. Alcatel's attention on mechanical development to convey the best items for its clients is the thing that has influenced it to have such a major shipment check of around 50 million units in a year. 

Its noticeable Smartphone items are found inside the Pixi, Idol and Pop ranges. Alcatel offers its clients with altered answers for their particular needs. Alcatel's concentration towards CSR exercises, all the more so ecological security CSRs, has assumed an indispensable part in influencing Alcatel to achieve such a wide client base.

10- Vivo

Top 10 Smartphone brands in the world 2018

This is one of the quickest developing and furthermore one of the most up to date portable brands on the planet. Built up in 2009, the organization has turned into a conspicuous name in the business with an item portfolio containing Smartphone, fringe cell phones and also programming. 

An auxiliary of BBK Electronics, Vivo offers around 45 million units yearly. It's regular brands are found inside three fundamental arrangement: the X arrangement premium estimated telephones, the Y arrangement low-end cell phones and the V arrangement the center valued class. It is Vivo's 2015 arrival of the slimmest Smartphone on the planet that grabbed the eye of the market and it has never thought back after that.